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What you may not realize is that in the role of husband and father, Mother’s Day is quite possibly the most important day of the year.  Christmas is nice and all, and in no way should you blow it on that day, but this is your wife’s day and hers only, a day you really need to make her feel appreciated (seriously, if you nail it on Mom’s day, you’re pretty much off the hook for the rest of the year…I kid…kinda).

Now you should have some idea as to something your wife would like since you are married to her, share a child or a few, and probably spend more time with her than any other human being.  And trust me, she has been dropping hints all year about the things she wants or hopes will be part of her Mother’s Day.  Any time the word “obsessed” is used, simply take note (your iPhone notes app is a perfect cheat sheet for this).  However, if you are still struggling, you can take my sage advice and follow these tips for a knock-it-out-of-the-park Mom’s Day (again, this message has been approved by my wife of course).

JEWELRY (big surprise here) 


For the new mom, this watch by Benbini is well, amazing.  It allows you to track baby’s schedule and even includes a “left-right” switch for nursing moms.  This did not make sense to me 3 years ago, but all I can say is I wish I thought of it first.

photo via

photo via

If you are in Portland, Beam and Anchor is an amazing store that you as a guy will be stoked to be in, especially if you are into refurbished furniture and other cool “dude” stuff (while you are there, you should probably grab yourself something – you deserve it, this is hard work).  However, they also carry tons of jewelry that my wife is “obsessed” with (see what I did there).  Not heading to Portland anytime soon?  Not to worry, you can check out their jewelry selection through one of their resident makers and collaborators, Spartan.  *In all honesty, my wife pretty much loves everything in this store; it’s a win-win.


Teething baby in the house?   Chewbeads are a genius product that provides mom with an attractive accessory and your babe with an instant, accessible chew toy that is safe and non-toxic (unlike the aforementioned jewelry, which may not be advisable during this stage).


Source: pondido, via iamthechemist

Source: pondido, via iamthechemist

Make her breakfast or dinner.  Sorry, lunch doesn’t cut it, but brunch on the other hand – golden!

Cooking not gonna happen?  Take her out for said breakfast, brunch or dinner.  Try her favorite no-fail spot, or a new place she has been dying to check out.



A little something nice for the house that she wants, but would probably not buy for herself.



And always remember, do not get her something that you think she needs (the alarm clock went over really well one year) or something that deep down you really want, ever (save that trick for her birthday).  You can never go wrong with the gift of time, (to herself, not from me of course, but maybe from the kids) especially if that time involves a facial and massage.

Still stuck?  Get her flowers.  Period.


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