tottini is thrilled to have an exclusive mini-photo shoot for our customers with international photographer Sarah Sloboda scheduled for:

Saturday, June 30th from 10-1

tottini is requesting a $35 donation to one of our favorite local non-profits, PEPS (Program for Early Parenting Support) to participate in the mini-photo shoot. Space is limited, so call us at 206.254.0400 or email to reserve your spot today! 

Sarah is going to be traveling this summer Seattle is going to be her first stop on her journey.  She shared with tottini a bit more about herself and what inspires her work:

I recently relocated back to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, after spending 10 years in New York City.  Seeing the vibrant change taking place in Cleveland right now has inspired me to capture what more cities are up to in this time of re-urbanization.  Starting with Seattle this June, I’ll be traveling to several places in the US and abroad to meet new families and photograph in new environments.  I haven’t been to Seattle since 2001, so I am especially looking forward to glimpsing its essence.

While on tour, I’ll allow my camera to see what is unique to a locality, and also spot the universal.  It might sound hokey, but I really do hope to inspire people – I hope that seeing your family through my eyes helps you appreciate their own unique value, and what you each bring to the world.  That’s what I do my best to capture.  It’s often hard to see it ourselves, within the four walls of our homes.  So, perhaps my outside perspective will help you see fresh nuances, or simply appreciate more deeply what you already know.


I’m currently reading Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine, and it reveals scientific evidence for what children have taught me intuitively over the years: “We can recover the creativity we’ve lost with time.  We just have to pretend we’re little kids.”  The book states (p. 110) that the ability to let ourselves go, to stop worrying about doing the “right” thing, and to act intuitively instead, is something that children haven’t “unlearned” yet.  That’s why they’re so free.  And, our willingness to re-learn that freedom as adults can be a great asset towards being more creative.


So, working with kids is utterly fantastic for me – being around them influences me to be freer, and to trust my gut more.   Amazingly, the playfulness they inspire in me is something they notice, and love.  I think it forges a bond between us for the shoot duration.  I’m not sure the parents understand what has happened, until they see the genuineness of expression in the photos, and then they see it clearly.  What a photo shoot should do is inspire us all to unearth in ourselves the wisdom that kids haven’t yet forgotten.


Sarah Sloboda is an internationally published children’s photographer and artist. Having spent 10 years honing her skills in NYC, and earning a BA in Film & Video at the University of Michigan, she now resides in Cleveland, Ohio, and travels the world photographing families.  Her favorite mediums include stills, video, writing, and 3D stereo viewers.  More information and portfolio available on Sarah  Sloboda’s website.

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