Secretly Pregnant

This summer we received a call from a production company asking about filming at tottini.  We’ve done things like this before and it is always fun to have them come in to interview and tape.  This time we did not know exactly when or where the show would air, all they told us their production company was working with the Discovery channel and they were going to be bringing in a first time mom-to-be who needed products. Ok, sounds good and we were happy to help.  They came in and we met the young couple as they taped them selecting products for their nursery.  Well, we just found out what show it was taped for and it aired on TLC (which is somehow related to the Discovery Channel)…Secretly Pregnant!  If you have not happened to catch this show, it is about various pregnant women who for whatever reason are keeping their pregnancy secret.  The young couple who came into tottini were young and her parents were not exactly thrilled she was having a baby.  The couple were nice and we wish the best for them.  Next time you are up for some reality t.v. try to watch for tottini in the background of Secretly Pregnant.

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Melissa M. on November 18th, 2011 | No Comments -