If you are not yet familiar with momma and lifestyle blogger James of Bleubird Vintage, you are in for a treat!  We interviewed James for totStuff shortly before baby Sailor was born.  Here she shares insights on how they successfully blended their family, what she did differently to prepare for baby number four, and her number one piece of parenting advice.


You are preparing for baby number four (a boy);  what, if anything, is different this time around?

This time around I am much more prepared since I just had a baby in the house. When I was preparing for birdie (now two) my youngest was almost eight years old and so I basically had to start over preparing myself and our home for a new baby. This time it was much easier, we had so much already and only needed to add a few things to make room for another child.








Do you have any tips for introducing a new babe to his/her siblings, especially when there is a toddler involved?

The best way that I have found to introduce the new baby to the family is to make them a part of the pregnancy from the start. We constantly talk about the baby as if he is already here. The kids are also involved in picking things out for baby and helping prepare, put together and things for him. We talk with birdie every day about her new baby brother and how she is going to be a big sister soon. She knows that baby is coming and that this is baby’s crib or baby’s stroller. When I was around three months I bought her a baby doll and we practiced holding the baby, being gentle with the baby and taking care of baby. She is now very sweet with babies and I think it will make the transition much easier.



You and Aubrey have managed to harmoniously blend your gorgeous family, how did you navigate that process?

We really took our time doing so. When Aubrey and I started dating it was very important to me that we take things slow and that first and foremost he become a trustworthy friend to my children above all else. Over time the relationship between him and my children grew stronger and in turn mine and his relationship grew stronger as well. He also was introduced to my children’s father and it was important to me that they form a relationship as well since I am very close with my ex-husband and his family. We are all good friends which makes co-raising children and blending families so much easier.






We imagine you are often asked for parenting advice, any essential insights you are willing to share with our readers?

My biggest advice would be to listen to your kids. To make it safe for them to come to you with anything, any problem and any thoughts no matter what ‘it’ is or how bad that they think ‘it’ may be. They should be able to, and want to, tell you anything and everything under the sun, good or bad, happy or sad, and you should be there, ready to listen, calmly and openly and to let them know that whatever it is big or small, it’s okay.

All photos courtesy of Bleubird Vintage.


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