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New Baby Products are blooming this spring!


We’ve just returned from a few days in Vegas checking out all the new baby products for families. You wouldn’t think that Vegas would be the locale for everything baby, but everyone in the independent specialty baby industry descended upon it to check out the latest products.  We saw some of our favorite designers and met some new ones who are just launching their new baby products.

One of tottini’s favorite new lines is guavakids which we have actually been carrying since they launched last fall.




The founders Lili and Linsey are super fun smart moms who have been longtime friends of each other.  Since having children of their own they have also decided to go into business together creating guavakids.  The guavakids mitts have been a nice addition to tottini; we love the modern and soft fabrics along with the functionality of the mitt actually staying on babies tiny hands.  Be on the watch for other new exciting products from guavakids this fall.





Clek is one of our favorite brands as they have been pushing the envelope in design and safety for car seats.  This year they are launching their latest car seat, the foonf.

Built to Keep Your Child Rear-Facing Longer foonf is rated up to 45 lbs. when installed rear-facing and engineered to protect in side-impact collision.





The clek foonf car seat includes:

  • Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings
  • Energy-Absorbing Foam Layers
  • Rigid Sub-Structure – reinforced by a steel and magnesium sub-structure
  • Anti-Rebound Bar – In rear-facing mode, Foonf’s anti-rebound bar improves stability

The Clek foonf will be arriving this July at tottini.  Pre-order your foonf now as once they are sold out, more will not be available until the fall.




The new Zen Swaddle blanket by Nested Bean has been designed to simulate the light touch of a parent on a baby while swaddling to create a gentle calming effect.

Manasi Gangan is the founder of Nested Bean and has done much research with  the mission “to design a safe, beautiful, easy-to-use and affordable product that would simulate the security of maternal touch.”

tottini is thrilled to be one of the select retailers who will have the Zen Swaddle blanket launching this summer 2012.




Spanish company babyhome is now launching several new baby products for the modern home in the U.S.


Each product has a simple design that is sleek and modern in style, from the materials of brushed aluminum to the high quality breathable fabric in fun colors we approve of at tottini.  We have been in need of a great, easy to use guard rail for toddlers transitioning to a twin bed for the first time.  Now with the babyhome Side product you can have a functional product that is easy to install and in a fun color like orange or lime green.  We also fell in love with their new Dream bassinet which is light weight, comes in the same fun colors and with its innovative adjustable leg system it allows you to change from stationary to a rocker to wheels that allow Dream to be easily moved around the house.

Along with the Side and Dream, babyhome has designed a beautiful high chair named Eat.  The Eat will be the perfect solution for many families as it is a super light weight high chair that will easily transition from kitchen to dining room to closet as it folds up to store out of the way when needed.  As with all the babyhome products the fabric is easy to wipe clean or can be removed to wash when a little extra cleaning is needed.

The added bonus to the babyhome products is that they won’t break the bank with everything priced between 79.99 – 199.99.  babyhome has just started shipping its product in the U.S and tottini will be one of the first retailers to have it on display.  Watch for it to be available online and in store by the end of May 2012.



SnoozeShade was started in the UK by a mum, Cara Sayer, who found she had a need for her little one  to be able to easily sleep on the go.  She needed a cover that was breathable, that wouldn’t fall off her stroller or car seat and created a darkened cocoon so that the baby could easily sleep.  Babies are easily stimulated by what is going on around them and she found that her baby might wake up to a sound but she would go back to sleep easier if her daughter wasn’t distracted by what she saw when they were out shopping or strolling.  Cara also wanted the fabric to include SPF to keep harmful rays off her sleeping child.

The new baby products by SnoozeShade, the Original Stroller and Car Seat SnoozeShades will be available at tottini soon.  Just in time to get outside and enjoy the sun.




Founders, designers, parents of ZoLi, Chet and Julianne, have been dear friends of tottini since we first found them at a similar new baby products show just a few short years ago.  ZoLi is committed to creating safe and non-toxic baby products.  It all started with just a couple key products, like the Zoli On the Go snack dispenser and has grown to have products across feeding and care accessories like their Nasal Aspirator and Buzz B nail trimmer.  We love their fresh modern style and appreciate that they are passionate about the sustainability of their products.  We look forward to seeing other new baby products by ZoLi and their continued success in the baby products industry!



The coolest idea for a bottle goes to the new company called Mixie.  A couple dads from Portland have created a bottle which you can prep before you leave home and mix once you are ready to use.  The Mixie has a separate compartment for formula at the bottom, which once you are ready to use, just release the valve and shake to mix.

You’ll be able to meet Mixie at tottini soon!







Checking out all the new baby products while in Las Vegas is fun, but can be a little tiring with all the walking and being inside air conditioned buildings for days on end without seeing the light of day.  So after the show was complete and before our flight took us back to the beautifully green and rainy Pacific Northwest, we sat by the pool to enjoy a few moments of sun ourselves – with plenty of sunscreen to protect our pale Seattle skins!

tottini is always on the lookout for modern new baby products, so be sure to watch our Newest Arrivals section of our website for updates.




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