In the world of mommy bloggers, Naomi Davis is America’s sweetheart.  She authors Rockstar Diaries (recently named “BEST FAMILY BLOG 2012″ by Apartment Therapy’s Homies Awards) and is known to the masses for her impeccable style, adorable family, and documenting her days spent with her daughter, Eleanor.  She is 36 weeks pregnant with baby number two, a boy, and took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions on the timely subject of Mother’s Day.  We are thrilled to feature her in our first totStuff interview!


This will be your second year celebrating Mom’s Day as the guest of honor (and last year celebrating as a Mom of one), have you established any traditions (i.e. breakfast in bed, brunch out, etc.) to mark the occasion? 

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Last year, as Mother’s Day weekend began, my husband said to me, “I decided that for Mother’s Day this year, we should celebrate all weekend with what you love most…food!”  Which is so true! And that is exactly what we did. We hit up all of my favorite restaurants, which means we might have eaten pizza 3 times that weekend. I’m sort of hoping we do something like that again this year… and every year after? I love food.




-          What has been the most profound change that you have noticed in yourself since becoming a mother?   

I am amazed every day at the love I have discovered in these past 15 months which I never really knew existed. Becoming a mother opens your heart up in ways you never imagined.  It’s absolutely painful and scary, but also the most rewarding kind of love… Every day it just keeps on growing…

-          What are the qualities/traditions that you cherish about your own mother and that you want to pass on to your children? 

My mother is the most selfless woman I know. She is the mother of 5 children and selflessly sacrificed so much to be in the home and raise us children.  I know that at any given moment she’d do absolutely anything for me. I’m grateful for her example. I hope to pass that onto Eleanor.



-          Can you name two things about parenting that are more difficult than you anticipated and two things that have been easier?  

Well for starters, being selfless with my time, body, energy and attention (say hello to a breastfeeding baby that never took a bottle!)…that can certainly feel difficult at times.  It was also much harder than I thought to say goodbye to that precious thing called sleeping uninterrupted through the night.  But a few things that have been easier than I imagined, one is traveling with a baby- it’s not as scary or difficult as many make it out to be. I’ve also noticed that when my baby girl looks up at me and smiles, anything that was difficult or frustrating or stressful is completely cancelled out by that beautiful face. While motherhood is hard, hard work, she definitely makes life easier all around.

-          How are you preparing to become a mom the second time around?  How do you feel differently about your pregnancy this time vs. when you were pregnant with Eleanor? 

It’s a funny thing, but sometimes I feel like this pregnancy has flown by because I am so preoccupied with my little Eleanor each day.  During my first pregnancy with Eleanor, I read countless books on the topic, took detailed notes each week about how I was feeling, what Eleanor was up to and had “baby” on my brain 24/7.  It hasn’t exactly been like that this time around… So at about 20 weeks with this pregnancy, I realized that I would need to make a more deliberate effort during the remainder of my pregnancy to really enjoy it and not let it be overshadowed by the fact that I already have a little one here.  Each little kick is still so special, each ultrasound, each doctor appointment.  There will never be another time where my baby boy is with me at every moment like he is during these first 9 months. It’s a very special time to bond together and I’m thankful for it.

-          If you could offer one piece of advice for first-time mommas out there, what would it be? 

Trust your own motherly instincts. There are countless opinions and books and ideas out there on how to raise your baby. While many of them are helpful, at the end of the day, you know yourself and your baby best. Trust your instincts. Also, never leave home without a bleach pen! ;)







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