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In launching my new product, Luv Chicken Booster Cushions, the question I am most frequently asked has nothing to do with the actual product or how I came up with the idea. The burning question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is – what does Luv Chicken mean? Several years ago, I had this idea for a booster cushion. The idea slowly evolved over time, years to be exact. Eventually the entire project was mapped out in my mind. I knew what this thing was going to look like, the materials I’d use, how to produce it and package it. I was ready to get started.


All the pieces were there, except for one. The name. I kept trying to figure out a clever name to describe the product. I came up with a bunch of ideas that usually fell somewhere on the cheese scale: super cheesy to mildly cheesy, but cheesy all the same. There were also some tamer, less interesting ideas like Booster Block and Booty Booster. All of which were either names of existing products or the URL was taken for some kind of product that claimed to smooth and slim your lower half. I found myself obsessing over the name. I’d think of names while driving in the car, I’d look up every word that meant butt, booty and bottom in English, French and Spanish. I had friends and relatives brainstorming names for me. I think I had a list of around 100 names for my product that related to the cute underside of my sweet little toddler, but I knew none of them would work. One day, while driving in my car (where I do my best thinking), I had an epiphany. I was simply trying too hard. The more I attempted to be clever, the worse the ideas were becoming. I decided to start over. I ditched my long list of ideas related to boosting or bottom. I went back to the beginning and thought about the reason this idea came to be in the first place. My daughter. She was my true inspiration. I began my new brainstorm list with her name, Stella. Then the list grew to include all of her nicknames. And then it grew again to include nicknames friends and relatives used for their kids. Suddenly I had a list of more than 50 ideas. All these months I had struggled over finding the perfect name and in just one hour, slightly tweaking my train of thought, I finally had a list I could work with!


Every name on there conveyed the idea of love a parent has for their child as well as fun, creativity, and imagination, all the concepts I wanted my product embody. These were names inspired by the children in my life. There were many creative entries on my list including Big Cheese, Peef Burger and Beef Monkey, – but in the end, it had to be Luv Chicken. So Luv Chicken was born. Finally I had the perfect name for my product. A name that is unique, creative, a little silly and hard to forget. Kind of like my daughter.


Ann Hurley was born in St. Paul, MN, Attended the College of Design at Iowa State University where she received a BFA in Graphic Design. She moved to the Seattle area in 2000 where she currently lives with her husband Eric, and two children, Stella and Stanley. She works as a freelance graphic designer and has enjoyed colaborating with such PNW companies as Costco, zulily and Concur. Luv Chicken has been a fun hobby turned business merging her two passions, retail and design. 

Luv Chicken is now available at tottini.  Purchase yours during the month of June to receive a $5 tottini gift card.

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