Whew! You’re halfway into the first year of this parenting gig, and guess what? You’re passing with flying colors. Chances are, your sweet little newborn has morphed into an active, alert and engaged baby with a personality that can melt the hardest of hearts. Which means your toolkit is morphing as well – accommodating the needs of a more mobile, less easily-distracted tot. Bring on the reinforcements!

Now that my own baby is 9-months-old, I’m proud to provide you with an updated guide – The Essential Toolkit For First-Time Mothers: The 6-9 Month Baby Edition. I’ve been taking notes on every product we’ve relied on over the past three months – from activity toys to teethers and everything between. (Hint: Speaking of teethers, check out the very end of this post for a surprisingly stylish giveaway that will relieve your sweet baby’s gums in a pinch!)
Like my previous guides, each product will highlight a few different options – perfectly suited for a variety of babies and the mamas who love them. (Note: Any asterisk* is a product or brand I use – and love! – in my own home.)

Happy shopping, and congratulations for reaching yet another milestone in your baby’s life! Pretty soon they’ll be off to prom, yes?


1. High Chair
It’s feeding time! By now, you’ve probably tackled the task of introducing solids to your baby, so this is the perfect time to establish a regular dinner table routine with baby’s first high chair.
What To Try: Nuna Zaaz High Chair ($249.95) or Stokke Tripp Trapp ($264.99) or bloom* Nano High Chair ($150)


2. Bath Toys
Depending on your baby’s personality, bathtime might be a bit more enjoyable for everyone if you employ a fair amount of distraction techniques. We like to keep some tiny toys on hand for fun-in-the-suds!
What To Try: boon* Creatures Cup Set ($14) or boon* Scrubble ($12)
3. Travel Crib

Travel cribs aren’t just for on-the-go adventures; they make great impromptu playards for contained entertainment!
What To Try: BABYBJORN* Travel Crib Light Silver ($299.99) or Nuna Sena Mini Travel Crib ($149.95)


4. Toy Storage

Chances are, toys are gathering in heaps by now. Keep them corralled with a few stylish options that translate seamlessly into your own decor.
What To Try: Oeuf* Toy Store ($498) or P’kolino Chalkboard Storage Bench* ($80)


5. Mealtime Utensils

Baby-friendly utensils are a must for delivering fuss-free foods to your picky little eater.
What To Try: boon* Swap Baby Utensils ($12) or oxo tot* Spoon Set ($6.99)


6. Activity Toys

Quiet activity toys are especially handy to distract babies in restaurants, libraries or on public outings. Opt for a few colorful solutions to keep that little one entertained and interactive!
What To Try: petitcollage Nesting Blocks* ($24) or Uncle Goose Upper/Lower ABC Blocks* ($20) or DwellStudio* Zoo Shape Shorter ($32)


7. Babyproofing

Your wee baby is wee no more – time to bring on the babyproofing! Keep your mobile baby out of harm’s way with a few safe, simple and secure options for your home.
What To Try: KidCo Universal Outlet Covers – 3 Pk ($10) or Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit ($9.99)


8. Walkers

Sure, you’re in no hurry for your four-legged explorer to tackle two-legged adventures, but push toys and walkers can be worlds of fun during this stage and beyond. And what parent can turn down a dose of fun?
What To Try: Prince Lionheart Wheelybug Large Pig ($89) or Parents Stow & Go Activity Cart ($85)


9. Stuffed Toys

Your little one is developing their own sense of security, so now is a great time to introduce a special stuffed animal or cuddle toy. Choose wisely – your selection will likely be present for family photos and events over the next few years!
What To Try: petitcollage Funny Bunny Doll* ($36) or Jellycat Noodles Hedgehog ($22)


10. Teethers

Oh, teething. Quite possibly one of the more difficult stages for everyone in the household, teething often brings out the fussy, less delightful side of your baby. The good news? You can soothe your baby’s gums while dressing the part with today’s newest genius product: teething jewelry from Chewbeads. And today, we’re giving one away to a very lucky mama! The Chewbeads Hudson necklace (valued at $36) is chemical-free and perfect for comforting an upset baby who wants to be close to his/her mother (and her jewelry!). Made from 100% silicone, each necklace is dishwasher-safe for the smartest wash-and-wear solution yet. Genius, right? Simply comment below to enter the giveaway, winner will be chosen via on Wednesday, May 29.  Good luck!


about erin4 Erin Loechners Essential Toolkit For First Time Mothers: 3 6 Month Baby EditionAbout the Author: Erin Loechner began blogging (or web logging / online journaling, if you will) top ten lists and childhood stories in 2001 as a college freshman. Although her love for the medium hasn’t changed, the subject matter has evolved into a small corner of the Internet she uses to collect curiosities and display her findings accordingly. She can be found blogging at Design for Mankind and Design for MiniKind.



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