Today we are excited to announce our new parenting blog series, appropriately named by Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child, tot Stuff!

tot Stuff will introduce you to bloggers from around the country, here they will give practical advice for families navigating infant and toddlerhood.  Each month we will have a different guest blogger discuss issues that we get asked by parents at tottini on a regular basis.  Our first tot Stuff guest blogger will be Rebecca Woolf this Monday, March 5th – don’t miss it as there will be a giveaway and tottini discount with her posting.

We founded tottini in Seattle in 2006 with a desire to offer modern nursery and children’s furniture and other products that we could only find online at the time.  It doesn’t seem long ago that we opened, but the other day we realized when we did open we both had children that were under the age of two!  We were fortunate enough to stay home with our kids prior to opening the store.  This turned out to be an asset in running the business as we had numerous customers that were new or expectant parents asking us for advice.   Along the way we became a very important part of our customers’ support network, this came with LOTS of questions about parenting and raising a family.  We realized that advice is a tricky thing since we both had very different children and different experiences – Melissa M had two rambunctious boys, and Melissa VF had a very precocious girl.  Now both our youngest kids are seven years old, and raising a newborn and even a toddler seems like a world ago.  So… we decided to tap into the minds of some great moms and dads across the country and have them share their experiences and offer practical advice (we use that term loosely!) on parenting and relationships.  Our goal is for our blog to support a variety of parental needs and questions; and to simply help new parents and parents entering different phases of child-rearing realize they are not alone on this crazy ride.  And by “crazy” we mean rewarding, frustrating, tiresome, joyous, and especially loving.  You get the picture…

tot Stuff will be documenting the universal highs and lows of parenting infants and toddlers.  Follow our blog to watch for tot Stuff postings and special offers!


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