tottini has had the Smarts for awhile and now DailyCandy is letting everyone know about it: “The stylish stickers are designed to naturally grab a newborn’s attention with bold, contrasting patterns and colors.
First, pique his interest with a black

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Furnish your entire nursery for under $1000 with the new Argington Bam Collection. Start with the Bam Bassinet that then converts to a crib and the perfect changing table that can be used as storage for years to come. Bam

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Kick fall off with a mini-photo session by
Shellie of Shutterbox Photos

Sunday, September 20th @ tottini

Participants will receive a complimentary
mini-session and 5X7 with donation to Treehouse.

Space is limited so please make your appointment today!
Please …

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Leah Steen of Revival Home and Garden has designed a nursery for tottini and we are giving it away! Stop by tottini to check it out and sign up to win. Included in the giveaway is the Netto Cub Sleeper

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